Andre Brasilier, whose parents were also painters, was born in 1929. At an early age, he showed natural inclination for painting. At 23, he received the Grand Prix de Rome. This was the time when he definitely entered the Paris artistic life, being host of many exhibitions in France as well as abroad. As explained Bernard de Montgolfier, although Brasilier paints from reality, he is not a realistic painter. “We could say that Brasilier has a very personal way of being non figurative inside figuration” Andre Brasilier, thoroughly independant, “on the fringe of his time”, is happy to give his son Alexis the defense of his works.”

“I only like when things are suggested, and even when they appear mysterious. I have a nature that wants to simplify. I always try to give the quintessence of a subject with little effect, to say a lot with a little, like Japanese artists who focus on asceticism and simplicity. I’ve always liked landscapes, pastoral scenes. I remember my first impressions of rural scenes, like oxen pulling a plow¬∑ As for the horse, I really like this animal, as much for its beauty, as for the harmony that it has with nature. In nature, the horse gives a sense of scale. It provides interesting proportions with the sea and the sky, for example. I love life, and horses, with their forms and their ardour, delight and intrigue me.